Qatar seek winning start at IHF Worlds

Published on: 10 January 2019

Copenhagen:  The President of Qatar Handball Association Ahmed Al Shaabi confirmed that the achievements of the Qatari team in the last two World Championships in Doha and Paris always put the team under pressure in every participation, whether in the World Championships or in any other tournament.

Al Shaabi said in a press statement today that the team are ready to defend their chances of competing for one of the qualifying cards for Group D of the World Cup Germany-Denmark 2019, adding that the first match against Angola is a tough and difficult match and we hope to achieve the first win.

Al Shaabi added that Angola are one of the best teams in Africa and developed significantly in recent years and therefore the task is very difficult especially if we recall the result of the only confrontation against Angola in the tournament, which was in Germany 2007, and at that time Angola won and took a place ahead of us in the overall ranking. He expressed his confidence in Qatari players to perform strongly and to present an honorable level.

Concerning securing the eight place in last edition in France and before that the second place in Doha, Al Shaabi added that what has always been achieved is a pressure on the team especially in this version and this is normal and expected, but in the management we tried to remove the pressure on the players and prepare them psychologically for the difficult task in the tournament, especially as the first match tomorrow against Angola are very important and winning this match will give a motive to advance to the second round and then to go further in the competitions.

Meanwhile, Qatar handball captain Wajdi Sinen said that Qatari team will start their campaign against Angola in the Group D and the match is a gateway to continue the squad’s goal and ambition in the upcoming matches of the tournament.

Qatar are in Group D of the World Championship along with Angola, Egypt, Hungary, Sweden and Argentina.