QSL, Josoor ‘Building a Winning Culture’

Published on: 10 February 2019

The Qatar Stars League (QSL) and Josoor Institute jointly organized a workshop titled ‘Building a Winning Culture’ for clubs, administrators and coaches, thus contributing to the goals and vision of Qatar football.

The bespoke workshop was held over two days, in the presence of Mr. Ahmed Khellil Abbassi, QSL’s Executive Director of Competitions and Football Development (Acting).

A number of CEOs, managers, coaches, administrators, media officials and players from QNB Stars League and Second Division clubs took part in it.

The workshop included group activities, open discussions, lectures, real-life examples, case studies and video sessions. It was moderated by Mr. Neil Doncaster, Chief Executive of Scottish Professional Football League, and Prof Sue Bridgewater, Director of Executive Education and Director of Centre for Sports Business Marketing at the University of Liverpool.

It focused mainly on the role of sports culture and its importance, and the future challenges of football, be it at the level of clubs or teams.

Doncaster said, “I was very honoured to be with delegates from across different leagues and clubs in the QSL. We know how important football is to Qatar, especially during the run-up to 2022 FIFA World Cup. We worked with representatives from teams across Qatar to discuss ways how we could create a winning culture – one better than what currently exists – by learning from our experiences from across Europe.”

Bridgewater commented. “We discussed the fact that things are constantly changing in football and what it can mean for the Qatar 2022 World Cup as well as for local clubs. We examined the effect of culture change towards ‘Building a Winning Culture’.

Abbassi opined. “We believe that, through education, we can further develop professional football in Qatar, in line with our vision, in co-operation with Josoor Institute. Workshops play key roles in the path to achieve greater success.”

Source: qsl.qa