Collective effort behind our team’s development: Qatar SC coach Younis

Published on: 12 December 2020

Qatar SC coach Younis Ali spoke to the media ahead of their 2020-21 season QNB Stars League Week 9 match against Al Sailiya.

“Al Sailiya are a difficult side. They have good players and a very seasoned coach in Sami Trabelsi who knows everything about this league. He is good at handling every match in an excellent way. That is how they won against Al Duhail.

“We take every match as if it is a final. We have the ability to continue our league journey through teamwork. Players like Ali Karimi or Youcef Belaili have  individual brilliance, but they should play with team plans for collective efforts. We have solid defenders with Nigerian striker Anthony Okpotu besides Belaili and they make great efforts. We also have an excellent midfield and offensive line that is capable of achieving the required level when needed.

“The solidarity of players, our management and loyal fans are the reasons for the fast development of our side that achieves positive results. There is great harmony and a high sense of stability that we have achieved over time. We faced a difficult period in the first five matches this season, where we were in last place, but thanks to the collective effort of everyone, we were able to achieve a series of positive results that we hope will continue during the next stage as well.

“Our ambition is greater than winning three matches. We always strive to achieve more positive results because if we want to remain among the leading teams, we must double our efforts to provide a decent level. Winning gives players a great incentive to do well. The more a player is away from pressure, the better he does. Our ambition does not stop at winning a game or two, but we are looking forward to winning the title. We are currently facing a new challenge, which we hope will meet with success befitting this enthusiastic team,” said Younis.

Qatar SC player Omar Al Emadi said, “We are ready to face Al Sailiya despite the short break between the last match and ninth-round clash. We are aware that we are facing a distinguished team that includes experienced players. For me personally, in the last four seasons, this is the first time that we have won three consecutive matches, which is a great feeling. It gives us a great morale boost. We are looking forward to following the series of positive results and achieving a new victory in the next round to get the three points.”