La liga (soccer league) news

Published on: 03 November 2022

La Liga, Spain's top division, is one of the most exciting soccer competitions in the world, with clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid at the top of their game right now. With the league season nearing its halfway point, it's time to start making your La Liga predictions - who will be on top when the dust has settled? We've got all of the latest La Liga news right here in one place, so you don't miss a thing as this thrilling season progresses!

Atletico de Madrid

Atletico Madrid are expected to be one of the favourites in this year's La Liga, which starts on 18th September 2017. The team have bolstered their ranks with star players such as Antoine Griezmann and Kevin Gameiro, but they will face stiff competition from Barcelona, Real Madrid and Sevilla among others.

FC Barcelona

At FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi has been scoring goals at will, but he still needs help from Luis Suarez, Neymar Jr., Ivan Rakitic and Andres Iniesta to win games. Suarez is the best player in Europe with 16 goals so far this season, which is more than his total from last year when he played for Liverpool FC before moving to Spain.

Real Betis Balompie

The team, which is popularly known as Los Verdiblancos or Verdiblanco, was founded in 1907 by a group of students at Colegio Santa María de Betania. They were an organization that did not have enough money to afford equipment so they would play with what they had available to them: their hands, a ball, and trees as goalposts.

Real Sociedad San Sebastián

Sociedad has been a team that has shown their resilience in recent years, with a new manager they are looking to make an impact this season. With a lot of young talent, Sociedad looks to build on last year's success. If they continue to show the same energy they have in preseason and transfer window, it will be exciting to see how far Sociedad can go!

RCD Espanyol de Barcelona

Espanyol de Barcelona is one of the oldest football clubs in Spain. Espanyol was founded in 1900 when a group of students from a Catalan high school, Escole Industrial, created their own football club with three other students from schools nearby. Espanyol means Catalan in Catalan and is also a symbol of Catalan nationalism because it was founded by four students from different schools around Catalonia but attended Escole Industrial High School which had only Catalans as its students at that time.


La Liga is a well-established football league, with teams playing in one of Europe's most iconic cities. It has been around since 1928 and is one of the most watched leagues in the world, so it comes as no surprise that many people are interested in knowing what will happen throughout each season.

We have compiled a list of all the major things happening throughout this upcoming year to help keep everyone up to date with what is going on with their favourite team or player.