QSL becomes first league in Asia to launch ‘Live Match Analysis’ system

Published on: 27 March 2019

Keeping pace with the latest developments and as part of embracing technology and innovation for the benefit of professional football in Qatar and QNB Stars League, the Qatar Stars League (QSL) launched ‘Live Match Analysis’ system to become the first in Asia to do so and second in the world, after the Danish league.

The innovative system was launched at a ceremony held in Doha’s St Regis Hotel on Wednesday, 27th March, in the presence of QSL CEO Mr. Hani Taleb Ballan, Qatar Football Association (QFA) General Secretary Mr. Mansoor Al Ansari, Qatari media personality Mr. Majed Al Khulaifi and former Qatar international as well as Qatar SC player Abdulaziz Hassan.

Mr. Hassan Rabiah Al Kuwari, Executive Director of Marketing, Sales and Communication at QSL, Mr. Ahmed Khellil Abbassi, Executive Director of Competition and Football Development (Acting) at QSL, Mr. Fahad Thani, Director of Football Development at QFA, FIFA’s Performance and Game Analyst Christopher Loxston, AFC’s Research and Innovation Director Mr. Keitaro Aoki as well as representatives of clubs, guests, sports personalities and media personnel were present on the occasion.

The system will be implemented from Week 20 of the QNB Stars League in all matches. A similar system was used at last year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia, but the QSL will use it after making some modifications.

The ‘Live Match Analysis’ is a computer-based match analysis system connected to a tactical video camera positioned in the main tribune of stadiums, which will enable the performance analyst to send short tactical video clips, and technical data to the iPad of coaching staff positioned in the team bench during matches.

Mr. Hani opined, “This project is backed by modern technology and innovation, through which we can deliver the best levels, results and performance in football. We’re proud to use such innovative technology to help trainers work more efficiently within the system, which is essential for all of us. It’ll benefit Qatar football in general.”

Mr. Mansoor said, “We’re proud to be working with the QSL and this new system coincides with football development. Ours is the first league in Asia to use this advanced technology and innovation and that’s a great achievement for professional football in Qatar. We’re incorporating everything that’s new and sophisticated.”

Mr. Abbassi commented, “We aim to introduce this new technology and innovation to provide the players and clubs with technical support, in line with the Vision and Mission of the QSL. The unique system will contribute towards the enhancement of technical levels and offer solutions to coaches during matches. We welcome everything that is innovative and helps the development of football in Qatar. We’re planning to develop such technologies further through research and want to place QSL as the pioneer in football development technology and innovation.”

Loxston said, “The State of Qatar is a pioneer in the development and use of modern football systems, which is in line with the aspirations of FIFA. It’ll help in the game’s further growth technically and tactically as well as players and technical devices.”

The coaches and other attendees praised the technology and innovation, and expressed their admiration and interest in it. They pointed out that the system would contribute significantly towards development of the game’s technical level.

Source: qsl.qa